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pueblo county

Colorado Building

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The Colorado Building at 409 North Main Street in Pueblo was built in 1925 on the site of the former Grand Opera House. The four-story rectangular building housed many of Pueblo’s major artistic and commercial outfits throughout the twentieth century, including the Publix Theater, the Southern...

Pueblo County

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Pueblo County

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Pueblo County covers 2,398 square miles in southeast Colorado, from the southern Front Range and Wet Mountains in the west to the Arkansas River Valley and Great Plains in the east. It is bordered by El Paso County to the north, Crowley and Otero Counties to the east, Las Animas and Huerfano...

Sacred Heart Cathedral

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The Sacred Heart Cathedral at 1025 North Grand Avenue in Pueblo was dedicated as Sacred Heart Church in 1913. A rare example of Gothic Revival architecture in Pueblo, the cathedral demonstrates the continued importance of Catholicism in the history of Colorado. In 1942 the Vatican responded to the...
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