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Peoples Presbyterian Church

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Peoples Presbyterian Church was founded in June 1906 and is Denver ’s oldest continuously active black Presbyterian congregation. In 1908 the congregation acquired its first permanent home at the former First Cumberland Presbyterian building a few blocks south of Five Points , which was then...

San Rafael Presbyterian Church

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Located in Mogote in the southern San Luis Valley ( 4907 Co Rd 9, Antonito, CO 81120), San Rafael Presbyterian Church was probably built in 1895–97 and used regularly until 1965. It is the second-oldest church in Conejos County and one of the few historically Spanish-speaking Presbyterian churches...

Westminster University

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Westminster University

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Westminster University at 3455 West 83rd Avenue in Westminster is an imposing, red Richardsonian Romanesque building that gave the city its name and still serves as an important local visual landmark. Started in 1892, the building languished before opening in 1908 as the main building of...
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