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Byron White US Courthouse

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Opened in 1916 as the main Denver Post Office and Federal Building, this four-story Greek temple (1823 Stout Street) is Colorado’s finest Neoclassical Revival structure. It represented the growing role of the federal government in a city that now has one of the largest concentrations of federal...

Englewood Post Office

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Englewood Post Office

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The 1938 Englewood post office building on South Broadway is notable for its large lobby mural by Boardman Robinson (1876–1952), an important art educator, political cartoonist, and founder of the American mural movement. The work is Robinson’s only post office mural and one of three major Robinson...

Florence Post Office

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The Florence Post Office was built in 1936–37 as a Public Works Administration (PWA) project. The building has a simple Neoclassical design with some Art Deco details and a mural by Olive Rush in the lobby. In 1986 the post office was listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and it is...

Lamar Post Office

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The Lamar Post Office was built in 1936 as a Public Works Administration (PWA) project. Designed by Pueblo architect Walter DeMordaunt , the building is the only Spanish Colonial Revival post office built as part of the New Deal in Colorado. It is still in use and was listed on the National...

Wetmore Post Office

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Built in 1879, the Wetmore Post Office building was originally the office, store, and home of Dr. John W. Walters and his wife, Margaret A. Walters. In 1896 Margaret Walters became the town’s postmistress and began to operate the post office out of the building’s store. The post office has occupied...
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