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North Park

Jackson County

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Jackson County

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Jackson County, named after former US President Andrew Jackson, covers 1,621 square miles in northern Colorado. It encompasses North Park , a large intermountain basin that holds the headwaters of the North Platte River . The North Platte flows north out of Jackson County into Wyoming. The county’s...

Jackson County Courthouse

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Built in 1913, the three-story Jackson County Courthouse in Walden is the most important building in the county. Designed by the prominent early twentieth-century Denver architect William N. Bowman (1868–1944), the building continues to house most county functions today. Incorporated in...

Walden / North Park

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Founded in 1888, Walden is located in the high basin of North Park in Jackson County , at an elevation of 8,099 feet. Considered the “ Moose Viewing Capital of Colorado,” Walden has an estimated population of 600. Despite its small population, the town stays busy with seasonal influxes of hunters,...
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