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Walking Colorado: An Introduction to the Origins Section

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Hundreds of generations of Native American ancestors are represented in Colorado by scatters of artifacts along with the less portable evidence of shelter, the warmth of hearths, storage needs, and symbolic expression. We learn about them through archaeology and indigenous peoples’ oral traditions...

Cottonwood Trees

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One of the most ecologically and culturally significant trees in Colorado, the plains cottonwood ( Populus deltoides monilifera ) thrives near rivers and riparian areas throughout the state. It is one of the only tree species to grow on Colorado’s Great Plains , which made it an important source of...


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Sagebrush (genus Artemisia ) is one of the most common and recognizable plants on Colorado’s Western Slope and arid Great Plains . A woody, fragrant, faded-green bush, sagebrush is ubiquitous throughout drier parts of the American West, covering some 106 million acres of the region. This makes...
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