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Moffat Tunnel

1921 Pueblo Flood

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The worst flood in the history of Pueblo , and one of the worst in Colorado history, struck on June 3–5, 1921. Between 150 and 250 people died in the deluge along the Arkansas River. The flood caused more than $25 million in damage, leading the entire town to be reshaped in its aftermath. In the...

Denver, Northwestern & Pacific Railway Hill Route (Moffat Road)

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Construction on the Denver, Northwestern & Pacific Railway Hill Route, also known as the Moffat Road, began in 1904 and was completed in the late 1920s. The route connected the Front Range to Middle Park via Rollins Pass . Built in part on a former Ute trail and intended as a temporary route...

William Gray Evans

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William Gray Evans (1855–1924) was a Denver businessman best known as the Denver Tramway Company president. The son of Territorial Governor John Evans , he was involved in many of Denver’s early foundational enterprises and played an integral role in constructing the Moffat Tunnel . During the...
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