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Moffat Road

Grand County

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Grand Lake, 1894

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Established in 1874, Grand County lies in the north central Rocky Mountains some sixty-seven miles west of Denver . It is named for the Grand River, an early name for the Colorado River . Encompassing 1,868 square miles, Grand County is bordered to the north by Jackson County , to the northeast by...

Steamboat Springs Depot

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The Steamboat Springs Depot was built in 1909, when the Denver, Northwestern & Pacific Railway arrived to connect the Yampa Valley with mineral, agricultural, and livestock markets in eastern Colorado and beyond. Abandoned in 1968 with the cessation of passenger service, the two-story red brick...

William Gray Evans

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William Gray Evans (1855–1924) was a Denver businessman best known as the Denver Tramway Company president. The son of Territorial Governor John Evans , he was involved in many of Denver’s early foundational enterprises and played an integral role in constructing the Moffat Tunnel . During the...
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