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Albina Washburn

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Albina Washburn (1837–1921) was an important early resident of what is now Loveland and later an influential proponent of women’s suffrage and temperance across Colorado. In 1876 she advocated for women’s suffrage at the state constitutional convention, and in 1880 she cofounded the Colorado branch...

Downtown Loveland Historic District

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Centered on East Fourth Street, the Downtown Loveland Historic District comprises nine square blocks of the town’s original commercial district. Most of the district lies within the original town plat, and at least fourteen of its fifty-eight buildings date to the late nineteenth century. On...

Loveland C&S Rail Depot

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Whether it was stagecoaches on the Overland Trail , steam locomotives bringing crops to market, or automobiles carrying tourists to nearby Rocky Mountain National Park , the city of Loveland has long served as a transportation hub along Colorado’s Front Range . The city’s Colorado & Southern...

September 2013 Floods

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2013 Colorado Floods

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In September 2013, Colorado’s Front Range , from Fort Collins south to Colorado Springs , experienced some of the most dramatic and devastating flood s in state history. In the hardest-hit areas, the rainfall beginning September 9 and ending September 16 matched or exceeded annual averages. Across...

The Civil War in Colorado

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Colorado’s role in the American Civil War (1861–65) was part of a broader geopolitical contest: control of the American Southwest. The war began in 1861, just two years after the Colorado Gold Rush and mere months after Congress established the Colorado Territory . Although the territory was...

William A.H. Loveland

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William Austin Hamilton Loveland (1826–94) was a leading businessman, railroad executive, and politician in early Colorado. A well-traveled man by early adulthood, Loveland arrived in Colorado during the Colorado Gold Rush . He played a critical role in the development of Golden , putting up the...
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