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longmont historic buildings

Callahan House

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Built in 1892 by local businessman James K. Sweeny, the Victorian mansion at Third and Terry Streets in Longmont was acquired by Thomas and Alice Callahan, two of the city’s leading residents, in 1896. The Callahans conducted extensive renovations and additions to the home before donating it to the...

Longmont Carnegie Library

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Built in 1913, the Carnegie Library at Fourth and Kimbark Streets in Longmont served as the city’s public library until 1972, when it was remodeled to house city offices. The Longmont Carnegie Library was one of thousands of similar libraries donated to communities across the United States by steel...

Longmont College / The Landmark

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Built in 1886, Longmont College, also known as The Landmark, was the first institute of higher education in Longmont and the St. Vrain Valley. The Presbyterian Synod of Colorado founded the college in 1885 with plans to build a massive Italianate-style campus at the east end of Sixth Avenue, but...
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