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Limon Railroad Depot

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The Limon Railroad Depot was built in 1910 on a triangular piece of land bounded by the intersection of Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad (CRI&P) and Union Pacific Railroad (UP) lines. The interchange made Limon , in Lincoln County , an important railroad hub, and the town’s depot...

Lincoln County

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Lincoln County

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Lincoln County, named after President Abraham Lincoln, covers 2,586 square miles of Colorado’s Great Plains southeast of Denver. It is bordered to the north by Washington County , to the east by Kit Carson and Cheyenne Counties, to the southeast by Kiowa County , to the south by Crowley County ,...

Preston Porter, Jr.

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On November 16, 1900, a white mob in Limon chained Preston Porter, Jr., a fifteen-year-old Black railroad worker, to a vertical steel rail, slung a rope around his neck, and burned him alive. Porter was accused of raping and murdering a local white girl; he had previously confessed to the crime...
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