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Akron Public Library

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Located in the county seat of Washington County , the Akron Public Library occupies a one-story brick building constructed in 1931 at the corner of Main Avenue and East Third Street (302 Main Ave, Arkon, CO 80720). The building grew out of more than fifteen years of efforts by local women’s groups...

Julesburg Public Library

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Located at the corner of East Fourth and Cedar Streets, the Julesburg Public Library was built in 1937, after the Julesburg Woman’s Club led a long-term effort to get a permanent library building for the community. Designed by Stanley Morse in the Art Moderne style, the library includes several...

W. E. Heginbotham House

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Completed in 1921, Holyoke banker William E. Heginbotham’s large Craftsman-style house with extensive gardens was long one of the most stylish residences in Phillips County . Upon his death in 1968, Heginbotham gave his house to the town of Holyoke , which now uses it as a public library...
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