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Leadville Trail 100 Run


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Leadville, 1950s

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At an elevation of 10,152 feet in the central Rocky Mountains , Leadville is the Lake County seat and the highest incorporated city in the United States. Gold first brought prospectors to the area in the early 1860s, but Leadville itself was not established until a silver boom in the late 1870s...

Leadville Trail 100 MTB

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The Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race, currently known as the Stages Cycling Leadville Trail 100 MTB, covers 100 miles in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado on a mix of alpine trail, dirt road, and pavement. Created by Leadville resident Ken Chlouber in 1994 as an outgrowth of the Leadville Trail...

Leadville Trail 100 Run

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First held in 1983, the Leadville Trail 100 Run is one of the oldest and largest 100-mile trail-running races in the United States. Known for its tough, high-elevation course in the shadow of central Colorado’s Sawatch Range , the race has resulted in remarkable performances by the Rarámuri (...

Matt Carpenter

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Matthew Carpenter (1964–) is a mountain runner best known for his performances at high-altitude races such as the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon , where he set the course record in 1993, and the Leadville Trail 100 Run , where he set the record in 2005. In the 1990s, he traveled the world as a...
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