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La Veta

Francisco Plaza

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Francisco Plaza

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The Fort Garland merchant John M. Francisco and his trading partner, Henry Daigre, built Francisco Plaza near the Cucharas River, at the site of present-day La Veta , in 1862. The first dwelling in the Cucharas Valley , the plaza served as a defensive fort as well as a trading post, farm, and ranch...

Huerfano County

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Huerfano County, named for the Spanish word for “orphan,” covers 1,750 square miles in south central Colorado, east of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and south of the Wet Mountain Valley . The southern part of Huerfano County is part of the Raton Basin, a geological formation that has produced...

Spring Creek Fire

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Started by an illegal campfire on June 27, 2018, the Spring Creek Fire raced across 108,045 acres of forested foothills in southern Colorado, near La Veta Pass on the eastern edge of the San Luis Valley . By the time it was fully contained on September 10, the Spring Creek blaze was the third-...
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