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La Junta

Bent's Forts

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Bent's Old Fort

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In the early and mid-nineteenth century, when the western United States was in a seemingly unending state of flux as people competed for dominance over the land and its resources, three men moved to what would eventually become southeastern Colorado and there established a trading and commercial...

La Junta City Park

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La Junta City Park is a prime example of a New Deal project on Colorado’s eastern plains. As a result of work carried out between 1933 and 1941, a poorly drained park became the city’s primary outdoor recreation space, complete with stone walls, benches, and buildings; a new lake; picnic shelters;...

Lincoln School

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Lincoln School was an important early school complex on the 300 block between West Second and West Third Streets in La Junta . Built in three phases, the complex started in 1883 with a stone building, was enlarged in 1903–4 with a red brick addition, and received a Spanish Colonial annex in 1937...
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