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Elbert County

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Elbert County

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Elbert County, named for former Colorado territorial governor Samuel H. Elbert , covers 1,851 square miles on the Great Plains southeast of Denver . It is bordered to the north by Arapahoe County , to the east and south by Lincoln County , to the south by El Paso County , and to the west by Douglas...

Medicine Lodge Treaties

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The Medicine Lodge Treaties were a series of three treaties between the US government and the Comanche , Kiowa , Plains Apache , Southern Cheyenne , and Southern Arapaho American Indian nations, signed in October 1867 along Medicine Lodge Creek, south of Fort Larned, Kansas. By treating with...

San Luis Valley

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Covering nearly 8,000 square miles in southern Colorado, the San Luis Valley is the largest valley in the state and the largest high-altitude desert in North America. Known as “the Valley” by locals and other Coloradans, the San Luis Valley is bordered by the Sangre de Cristo Mountains to the east...
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