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Jules Jacques Benois Benedict

Daniels Park

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Daniels Park (8682 N Daniels Park Rd, Sedalia, CO 80135) is a unit of the Denver Mountain Parks system located in an area of grassy buttes and ravines just west of Castle Pines in Douglas County . First established with a thirty-eight-acre donation from Florence Martin in 1920 and expanded to 1,000...

Genesee Park

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Genesee Park is a Denver Mountain Park that stretches from Clear Creek Canyon to Genesee Mountain in the Rocky Mountain foothills about five miles southwest of Golden . In addition to the 8,424-foot summit of Genesee Mountain, attractions at the 2,413-acre park include Beaver Brook Trail and the...

Holy Ghost Catholic Church

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Located at 1900 California Street in Denver , Holy Ghost Catholic Church is known for its long tradition of ministering to downtown Denver’s poor and homeless, as well as for its Renaissance-style church building designed in 1923 by Jules Jacques Benois Benedict . For nearly twenty years, however,...

Jules Jacques Benois Benedict

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Jacques Benedict (1879–1948), one of Colorado’s best-known and most-flamboyant architects, designed some of Colorado’s grandest Beaux Arts city homes and rustic mountain residences, as well as notable churches, libraries, schools, a town hall, shelters in Denver’s Mountain Parks , and a few...

Summit Lake

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Located at an elevation of 12,830 feet on Mt. Evans , Summit Lake is a forty-acre alpine lake known for its scenic beauty and unique ecosystem. Acquired by Denver in 1924 as part of the city’s system of mountain parks , it is the highest Denver park as well as the highest city park in North America...
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