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John Evans

Anne Evans Mountain Home

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The Anne Evans Mountain Home is a rustic cottage built by Anne Evans at an elevation of about 8,200 feet on her family’s large ranch in the Upper Bear Creek watershed in eastern Clear Creek County . Completed in 1911, the house was notable for its vertical log construction and artistic interiors,...

Elbert County

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Elbert County

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Elbert County, named for former Colorado territorial governor Samuel H. Elbert , covers 1,851 square miles on the Great Plains southeast of Denver . It is bordered to the north by Arapahoe County , to the east and south by Lincoln County , to the south by El Paso County , and to the west by Douglas...


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Morrison is a small tourist-oriented town of restaurants and antique shops located along Bear Creek in the valley south of Red Rocks , about fifteen miles southwest of Denver . Established in 1872, the town relied on George Morrison’s quarrying industry in its early years but gradually shifted to a...
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