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Emmanuel Shearith Israel Chapel

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Located at what was once the corner of Tenth and Lawrence Streets in the middle of the Auraria Higher Education Center , Emmanuel Shearith Israel Chapel is the oldest surviving religious building in Denver . Built in 1876–77 as the Emmanuel Episcopal Church, the building was sold in 1903 to the...

J Bar Double C Ranch

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JCC Ranch

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The Denver Jewish Community Center (JCC) established J Bar Double C Ranch in 1952. The next summer the ranch, also known as JCC Ranch, began to host JCC Ranch Camp, Colorado’s second Jewish summer camp and the state’s first summer camp with a kosher kitchen. Over its more than sixty years in...

Maurice Rose

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Maurice Rose (1899–1945) served in the US Army during World War I and II . Raised and educated in Denver , Rose attained the rank of major general, making him the highest-ranking person of Jewish heritage in the US Army. He was known for his aggressive leadership style, directing his units from the...
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