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Jefferson County Open Space

Hiwan Heritage Park and Museum

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Hiwan Heritage Park and Museum in Evergreen comprises a four-acre outdoor space and a twenty-five-room log cabin. Josepha Williams , one of the first female doctors in Colorado, acquired the property in 1893 as a place for friends and family to stay. Guests first stayed in lodging tents and, later...

Ken-Caryl South Valley Archaeological District

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Located just north of Deer Creek in the valley between the hogback ridge and the foothills west of Denver, the Ken-Caryl South Valley Archaeological District contains rock shelters that were used by prehistoric peoples from at least the Late Paleo-Indian period (before 6000 BCE) through the Early...

Lorraine Lodge/Boettcher Mansion

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Charles Boettcher (1852–1948), one of Colorado’s most important early businessmen and philanthropists, built Lorraine Lodge (now known as Boettcher Mansion) in 1917 as a summer retreat at the top of Lookout Mountain , west of Golden . It stands as a particularly elaborate example of the rustic...

Mount Vernon

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The town of Mount Vernon was established in 1859 at the base of Mount Vernon Canyon, west of Denver . The town is best known as the home of Robert W. Steele , who made it the de facto capital of the unofficial Territory of Jefferson while he was governor in 1859–61. Today two early stone houses...
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