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Japanese Americans

Bromley/Koizuma-Hishinuma Farm

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Located near Bromley Lane and South Fifteenth Avenue in Brighton , the Bromley/Koizuma-Hishinuma Farm is significant for its association with an early Brighton civic leader as well as later Japanese American farmers in Adams County . Emmet Bromley first established the farm in 1883 and owned it...

Granada War Relocation Center (Amache)

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The federal government built the Granada War Relocation Center, also known as Camp Amache, after the bombing of Pearl Harbor to imprison Japanese Americans during World War II. Fearing that Japanese Americans might sympathize with Japan and work against the United States during the war, the federal...

Ralph Carr

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Ralph Lawrence Carr (1887–1950) was governor of Colorado from 1939 to 1943. Carr is remembered for his outspoken criticism of the federal government’s internment of Japanese Americans during World War II , even though a regional concentration camp, Amache , operated inside his state’s borders. His...
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