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Holly City Hall

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Holly City Hall

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Located at the corner of East Cheyenne and South Third Streets, the Holly City Hall was built in 1938 as a Works Progress Administration (WPA) project designed to consolidate the town of Holly ’s administrative offices and departments. It never accomplished that goal, but the town fire and police...

Holly Gymnasium

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The Holly Gymnasium was built in 1936–38 as a Works Progress Administration (WPA) project. The two-story Modernist building is made of local Niobrara limestone and was the only gymnasium in Holly until a new school complex was constructed in 1965. Since then the gym has continued to be used for...

Holly Santa Fe Depot (Town Hall)

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The Holly train depot opened in 1912, at the height of the eastern plains agricultural boom after the early twentieth-century introduction of sugar beets. For decades the depot linked farmers and consumers to the rest of the country by rail, allowing them to sell agricultural produce to distant...

Prowers County

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Prowers County covers 1,644 square miles of the Great Plains and Arkansas River valley in southeastern Colorado. The rectangular county is bordered to the north by Kiowa County , to the east by the state of Kansas, to the south by Baca County , and to the west by Bent County . Prowers County has a...
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