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History Colorado

History Colorado Center

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The History Colorado Center (1200 Broadway, Denver ) opened in 2012 as the headquarters, museum, and research center of History Colorado . Established in 1879 as the State Historical and Natural History Society, History Colorado had outgrown a succession of previous buildings, including the State...

Barlow and Sanderson Stagecoach

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The Barlow and Sanderson stagecoach in Monte Vista is a mud wagon like those that operated in the 1870s and 1880s along Barlow and Sanderson lines in the San Luis Valley . The only regional example of its type, the stagecoach was acquired by the Monte Vista Commercial Club and donated in 1959 to...

Colorado History Museum

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The Colorado History Museum, the second major home of the Colorado Historical Society (now History Colorado ), opened in 1977 to replace the Colorado State Museum (1915). Located on the south side of Civic Center in Denver , the modern museum was three times as large as the old State Museum,...

Colorado State Museum

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The Colorado State Museum (200 E. Fourteenth Avenue, Denver ) opened in 1915 as the first stand-alone home for the Colorado Historical Society (now History Colorado ). The last work of Frank E. Edbrooke , Colorado’s best-known architect of the late 1800s and early 1900s, the building has the...

Fort Garland

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The US Army operated Fort Garland in the San Luis Valley for twenty-five years, from 1858 to 1883. The fort was built to protect early settlers from Native American raids in the years before treaties, reservations, and removal made that mission obsolete. After decades of neglect, the fort was...

Fort Vasquez

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Louis Vasquez and Andrew Sublette operated the fur- trading post Fort Vasquez from 1835 to 1842. After ruthless competition and changing trade patterns caused the pair to leave the fort, it served as a landmark along the South Platte River Trail before gradually disappearing back into the plains ...

Grant-Humphreys Mansion

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Exuding ornamentation and ostentation, Grant-Humphreys Mansion (770 Pennsylvania Street) is Denver 's best-known Beaux-Arts neoclassical residence, combining Colonial Revival and Italian Renaissance elements. Prominently sited on the southwest shoulder of Capitol Hill , it overlooks Governor’s Park...

Healy House and Dexter Cabin

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A large white-clapboard residence in Leadville , Healy House was built for the family of mining engineer August Meyer in 1878. The house signaled the arrival of some domestic comforts to the rough-hewn mining camp. After the Meyers moved away in 1881, the house served briefly as a Methodist...

Ute Indian Museum

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The Ute people , or as they call themselves, Nuche (The People), are Colorado’s longest continuous residents. Their rich cultural heritage and history is on display at the Ute Indian Museum. Nestled in the heart of traditional Uncompahgre Ute territory in Montrose , the Ute Indian Museum is History...
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