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historic schools

Jamaica Primary School

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Jamaica Primary School is a midcentury elementary school designed by Atchison & Kloverstrom that opened in Aurora ’s Havana Park neighborhood in 1958. Part of a massive school-building effort by Aurora Public Schools to keep up with the city’s booming postwar population, Jamaica was intended to...

Lincoln School

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Lincoln School was an important early school complex on the 300 block between West Second and West Third Streets in La Junta . Built in three phases, the complex started in 1883 with a stone building, was enlarged in 1903–4 with a red brick addition, and received a Spanish Colonial annex in 1937...

Montezuma Schoolhouse

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Montezuma Schoolhouse

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The Montezuma Schoolhouse was built in 1884 on the east side of the mining town of Montezuma . The one-room schoolhouse replaced an earlier school building and was intended to accommodate the area’s growing population during that decade’s silver boom. The school remained in operation until 1958,...

Pleasant Park School

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The Pleasant Park School is located at 22551 Pleasant Park Road, about three and a half miles southeast of Aspen Park in rural Jefferson County . Built by local families in 1894, the one-room school served Pleasant Park students until school consolidation in the early 1950s. In 1956 it was acquired...

S. A. Wilson Elementary School

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S. A. Wilson Elementary School is a midcentury school that opened in the Colorado Springs suburb of Security-Widefield in 1959. Originally built and soon expanded to help Security-Widefield accommodate a massive population increase during the decades after World War II , the school reflects one of...

Westlake School

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Built in 1902 in what was then western Adams County , the Westlake School on Lowell Boulevard in Broomfield educated students at a variety of levels until its final closure in 1990. Now in Broomfield County, the school building was a private residence for fifteen years. It has been zoned for a...

Wiley Rock Schoolhouse

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The Wiley Rock Schoolhouse, built by the Works Progress Administration in 1938, is located on Main Street in the Prowers County town of Wiley (603 Main Street in Wiley, Colorado). Originally built as an annex for the adjacent Wiley High School, Wiley Rock Schoolhouse is made of reused concrete...
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