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historic ranches

Cherokee Ranch and Castle

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Cherokee Castle

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Cherokee Ranch includes more than three thousand acres of land along US 85 near Sedalia in Douglas County . In the late nineteenth century, the land was homesteaded by the Blunt and Flower families. Denver businessman Charles Alfred Johnson acquired the Flower land in 1924 and hired Burnham Hoyt to...

Hayden Ranch

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Located about ten miles south of Leadville in the Upper Arkansas Valley, Hayden Ranch was one of the most important early agricultural operations in Lake County . Owned by the Hayden family from 1872 to 1933, the ranch raised hay and cattle for sale in Leadville, Denver , and other markets...

Rock Ledge Ranch (Buena Vista)

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Established in 1887 by Ernest Wilber, Rock Ledge Ranch is a historic ranch four miles west of Buena Vista in the Upper Arkansas Valley (17975 Co Rd 338, Buena Vista, CO 81211). Since 1908 the ranch has been owned and operated by multiple generations of the Franzel family, which immigrated to the...

Trout Creek Ranch

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Trout Creek Ranch has its origin in lands consolidated by English investors Edward Arthur and David Chalmers along Trout Creek in the 1870s. The ranch, which stretches for about four miles in the valley between Red Hill and Reinecker Ridge southeast of Fairplay , later became part of some of the...

Trujillo Homesteads

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Located in rural Alamosa County along the western boundary of Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve , the Trujillo Homesteads were settled in the 1860s and 1870s by Teofilo Trujillo and his son, Pedro. The history of the homesteads illustrates the conflicts between Hispano and Anglo cultural...
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