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Gustaf Nordenskiold

Cliff Palace

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Cliff Palace

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Located in an alcove on the east wall of Cliff Canyon in Mesa Verde National Park , Cliff Palace is a 150-room cliff dwelling built by Ancestral Pueblo people in the 1200s. Diné ( Navajo ), Nuche ( Ute ), Apache , and Pueblo people knew of the structures well before rancher Richard Wetherill and...

Gustaf Nordenskiöld and the Mesa Verde Region

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In 1891 the young Swedish scientist Gustaf Nordenskiöld (1868–95) arrived in Colorado, seeking both a cure for his tuberculosis and a look at the wonders of the West. His experiences over the next two years set in motion a series of events that would ultimately lead to the passage of the first...

Long House

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Long House is the second-largest cliff dwelling in Mesa Verde National Park . Built by Ancestral Puebloans in the 1200s, the 150-room dwelling was rediscovered by the Wetherill brothers and Charles Mason in early 1890. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, it was excavated and eventually opened to...

Origins of Mesa Verde National Park

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Mesa Verde National Park was established in 1906 as the country’s ninth national park. The site was visited and considered sacred by multiple Indigenous nations before it began attracting interest from white Americans in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. While male scientists and...

Richard Wetherill

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Richard Wetherill (1858–1910) was a nineteenth-century rancher and explorer who lived in southwest Colorado. Although he is often credited with "discovering" some of the most significant Ancestral Pueblo archaeological sites in the Four Corners area, the sites had already been known to various...

Rock Art of Colorado

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Colorado is home to a rich variety of prehistoric and historic art carved on cliff sides and boulders. Most rock art is found in river basins. The mountain areas that cut a wide vertical swath through the state are relatively devoid of rock art. There are the two types of rock art: pecked art,...

Spruce Tree House

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Spruce Tree House is the third-largest cliff dwelling in Mesa Verde National Park , and the first seen by most visitors because of its location near park headquarters. Built by the Ancestral Pueblo in the 1200s, Euro-Americans came to know the 114-room dwelling through rancher Richard Wetherill and...
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