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Glenwood Springs

Edward T. Taylor House

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Edward T. Taylor House

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Longtime Colorado state senator and US Congressman Edward T. Taylor (1858–1941) built his house in downtown Glenwood Springs (903 Bennett Ave, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601) in 1904. Taylor lived in the house whenever he was in Colorado during the three decades he served in the US House of...

Garfield County

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Named for former president James Garfield, Garfield County is a mountainous county in western Colorado. Covering 2,956 square miles, it is bordered to the north by Rio Blanco County , to the east by Routt and Eagle Counties, to the south by Pitkin and Mesa Counties, and to the west by the state of...

Glenwood Springs

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Glenwood Springs is a mountain resort community 150 miles west of Denver , at the confluence of the Colorado and Roaring Fork Rivers on Colorado’s Western Slope . It is the seat of Garfield County and has a population of nearly 10,000. The city is known for its hot springs as well as for outdoor...

Glenwood Springs Hydroelectric Plant (Glenwood Center for the Arts)

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Built in 1888, the Glenwood Springs Hydroelectric Plant building is one of the earliest hydroelectric plants still standing in Colorado. The plant made Glenwood Springs one of the first cities in the United States to be lit by hydroelectric power, and the plant continued to supply some of the city’...

South Canyon Fire

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The South Canyon Fire began in early July 1994 on Storm King Mountain, in Garfield County west of Glenwood Springs . On July 6, high winds stoked the fire into a deadly conflagration that killed fourteen firefighters. Investigations of the disaster forced numerous reforms in wildland firefighting,...

Western Hotel

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The Western Hotel at 716 Cooper Avenue in Glenwood Springs started in 1887 as a one-story brick restaurant building. In the early twentieth century, the building was expanded under the ownership of the Bosco family, which began renting rooms there by the early 1920s. Later owned and operated for...

Western Slope

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“A Fantasy land,” “a mystique,” “a state of mind”—these are only some of the expressions used to describe the Western Slope of Colorado, commonly defined as the roughly one-third of the state that lies west of the Continental Divide . The serpentine divide forms the region’s eastern boundary,...
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