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Frank Edbrooke

Brown Palace Hotel

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Financed by and named after the early Denver developer Henry C. Brown , the Brown Palace Hotel opened on Broadway in 1892 in an elegant triangular building that was the tallest in the city at the time. For much of the twentieth century the hotel was owned by the Boettcher family , which expanded it...

Colorado State Museum

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The Colorado State Museum (200 E. Fourteenth Avenue, Denver ) opened in 1915 as the first stand-alone home for the Colorado Historical Society (now History Colorado ). The last work of Frank E. Edbrooke , Colorado’s best-known architect of the late 1800s and early 1900s, the building has the...

Frank E. Edbrooke

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Frank E. Edbrooke (1841–1921), Colorado’s best-known and most-celebrated architect, designed more than seventy buildings, including many now-landmarked structures that helped define Denver ’s built environment. He gave the city its first fine commercial buildings while also designing institutional...

Oxford Hotel

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The Oxford Hotel (1600 Seventeenth Street) opened in 1891 and is now Denver ’s oldest surviving hotel. Developed by brewer Adolph Zang and designed by architect Frank Edbrooke , the hotel originally provided a luxurious stay for travelers passing through nearby Union Station . After being restored...

Riverside Cemetery

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Riverside Cemetery was established along the South Platte River in 1876, making it the oldest surviving cemetery in Denver . It is the final resting place for many prominent early Coloradans, including John Evans , Augusta Tabor , Miguel Otero , and Barney Ford . The seventy-seven-acre cemetery was...

Sixteenth Street (Denver)

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Sixteenth Street has been Denver ’s main street for shopping, commerce, and celebrations since the late nineteenth century. Starting from Broadway just north of Civic Center , it stretches about 1.75 miles northwest to Tejon Street in Highland. To help revive downtown commerce and relieve...
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