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Calhan Paint Mines

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Calhan Paint Mines

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Located near Calhan , about thirty-five miles northeast of Colorado Springs , the Calhan Paint Mines are an area of clay deposits that have seen extensive prehistoric habitation and historic quarrying of the clay for pottery and bricks. In the 1990s, archaeological fieldwork at the site revealed...

Colorado Springs

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Colorado Springs is the second-most populous city in Colorado, with more than 456,000 residents. Located about sixty miles south of Denver at the base of Pikes Peak , it is the county seat of El Paso County and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state. Since it was...

El Paso County

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El Paso County covers 2,130 square miles in east central Colorado, situated between the southern end of the Front Range and the Great Plains . Pikes Peak , the state’s most famous mountain, lies within its borders, and the county seat, Colorado Springs , is the second-largest city in Colorado. El...

Front Range

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The Front Range is a corridor of the Rocky Mountains and surrounding land stretching 200 miles from the Wyoming border on the north to the Arkansas River on the south. The western border of the Front Range consists of a collection of high mountain ranges, from the Medicine Bow and Laramie Mountains...

Palmer Lake Star

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The Palmer Lake Star at 500 Highland Road lies on a steep 58 percent slope of Sundance Mountain west of the Town of Palmer Lake . Built in 1935 to spur civic pride during the depths of the Great Depression , the 457-foot-wide star represents the star of Bethlehem and is lit throughout each December...

Teller County

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Teller County, named for former US senator and railroad mogul Henry M. Teller , covers 559 square miles of the high country west of Pikes Peak in central Colorado. It is bordered by Douglas County to the north, El Paso County to the east, Fremont County to the south, and Park County to the west...
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