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dust bowl

Baca County

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Baca County

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Baca County is a rural, agricultural county on the southern plains encompassing an area of 2,557 square miles in the southeast corner of Colorado. It borders Bent and Prowers Counties to the north, Las Animas County to the west, the state of Kansas to the east, and the states of New Mexico and...

Cheyenne County

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Cheyenne County is a sparsely populated county on Colorado’s eastern plains, covering 1,781 square miles. It is named for the Cheyenne, one of many nomadic Native American groups that lived and hunted bison in the area throughout the nineteenth century. Cheyenne County is bordered to the north by...

Crowley County

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Formed in 1911, Crowley County covers 800 square miles on Colorado’s southeastern Great Plains near the Arkansas River . It is bordered to the north by Lincoln County , to the east by Kiowa County , to the south by Otero County , and to the west by Pueblo County . A heavily agricultural county,...


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Greeley is a growing community of 100,000 people along the Front Range in northeastern Colorado. Founded as an agricultural colony in 1870, the city has an economic, political, and cultural reach that extends far beyond its municipal borders. Greeley is the county seat of Weld County , one of the...

Lincoln County

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Lincoln County, named after President Abraham Lincoln, covers 2,586 square miles of Colorado’s Great Plains southeast of Denver. It is bordered to the north by Washington County , to the east by Kit Carson and Cheyenne Counties, to the southeast by Kiowa County , to the south by Crowley County ,...

The Dust Bowl

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In the 1930s, eastern Colorado experienced the worst ecological disaster in the state’s history. Unsustainable farming practices and widespread drought transformed the once fertile Great Plains into a barren landscape, inhospitable to both humans and animals. The experience of the Dust Bowl...
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