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Denver Tramway Company

Denver Tramway Company

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Denver streetcar 1895

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The Denver Tramway Company (DTC) was the dominant private transit company in Denver ’s history, serving tens of millions of commuters per year at its peak and making it possible for the city to expand beyond its urban core. Established in 1885 by John Evans , William Byers , and other prominent...

Denver Tramway Powerhouse

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The Denver Tramway Powerhouse (1416 Platte Street) was built in 1901–4 to generate power for the Denver Tramway Company ’s extensive network of electric streetcars. From a 1911 expansion until the last electric streetcar service in 1950, the powerhouse served as the company’s main source of...

Tramway Building (Hotel Teatro)

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Completed in 1911, the Tramway Building (1100 Fourteenth Street, Denver) consists of a striking red-and-white tower and adjacent car barn that originally served as the headquarters of the powerful Denver Tramway Company . In 1956 Tramway sold the building to the University of Colorado , which...

William N. Byers

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William Newton Byers (1831–1903) founded the first newspaper in Colorado, the Rocky Mountain News (1859–2009) and was Denver ’s biggest booster during the city’s early days. Byers used his newspaper as a platform for his advocacy, as his knowledge of the territory allowed him to broker land deals...
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