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Denver Public Library

Alan Berney Fisher

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Alan Berney Fisher (1905–78), the son of architect William E. Fisher, was an important modernist architect in twentieth-century Denver . Alan received early training in his father’s office before finishing his education at the University of Pennsylvania and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology...

Anne Evans

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Anne Evans (1871–1941) was a Colorado civic leader and patron of the arts who transformed the Denver cultural community. Among her numerous activities, Evans started and helped guide the Denver Art Museum to national prominence, assisted in the development of the Denver Public Library , led the...

Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library

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Blair-Caldwell Library

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The Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library is located in the Five Points neighborhood of Denver . Named for Omar Blair and Elvin Caldwell , two prominent local civil rights leaders, it is the largest of Denver Public Library 's neighborhood branches and one of only five Black research...

Burnham Hoyt

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Colorado’s most notable architect, Burnham “Bernie” Hoyt (1887–1960) designed eighty-five major constructed projects in a variety of styles, ranging from a fifteenth-century Scottish castle ( Cherokee Castle , 1926) in Sedalia to the radically modern Boettcher School for Crippled Children (1940) in...

Denver Public Library

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The Denver Public Library, located in downtown Denver , is a cultural hub and valuable resource for the Denver metro area. Begun in the early 1860s, the library collections have grown with Denver, moving from “Old Main,” the Carnegie-funded structure in Civic Center Park , to their current location...

Western History and Genealogy Department, Denver Public Library

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The Denver Public Library (DPL) has one of the nation’s largest and finest collections on the history of the American West. Created in 1935, the collection continues to grow and currently includes more than 250,000 cataloged books, architectural records, atlases, pamphlets, and microform titles, as...
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