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Arthur Addison Fisher

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Arthur Addison Fisher (1878–1965) worked with his older brother William Ellsworth Fisher in one of the largest and most influential architectural firms in the Rocky Mountain region. Arthur brought to the firm an interest in Spanish and Mediterranean styles. In addition to designing elaborate houses...

Byron White US Courthouse

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Opened in 1916 as the main Denver Post Office and Federal Building, this four-story Greek temple (1823 Stout Street) is Colorado’s finest Neoclassical Revival structure. It represented the growing role of the federal government in a city that now has one of the largest concentrations of federal...

Colorado National Bank

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Colorado National Bank

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Colorado National Bank (CNB) was founded in Denver in 1862 and managed to survive the state’s ups and downs until its 1998 sale to Minneapolis-based US Bank. The intermarried Kountze and Berger families, prominent as early Denver treasurers, civic leaders, and investors, ran the bank for most of...


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Denver is the capital of Colorado and the twenty-first largest city in the United States, sprawling over six counties and 3,497 square miles of the High Plains and the Rocky Mountain foothills. Centered at the confluence of the South Platte River and Cherry Creek , the city and county of Denver...

Denver Athletic Club

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The Denver Athletic Club (DAC) is one of the oldest and largest private clubs in Colorado. Founded in 1884 in a rented hall in the First Baptist Church at Eighteenth and Curtis Streets, the DAC has grown into a social club as well as a place to work out. Its five-story home, first built in 1890 in...

Denver Public Library

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The Denver Public Library, located in downtown Denver , is a cultural hub and valuable resource for the Denver metro area. Begun in the early 1860s, the library collections have grown with Denver, moving from “Old Main,” the Carnegie-funded structure in Civic Center Park , to their current location...


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Located immediately west of Denver in Jefferson County , the city of Lakewood began as a scattered farming community and was incorporated in 1969 during its post- World War II population boom. With a 2020 population of 155,984, Lakewood is now the fifth most populous city in Colorado and the third...

Lowry Neighborhood

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Located on the eastern edge of Denver , Lowry is one of the city’s newest neighborhoods but has old roots. The area was first developed in the early 1900s, when it became home to the Agnes C. Phipps Memorial Sanatorium, one of the largest of Colorado’s many tuberculosis sanitoria. With the advent...

Sakura Square

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Located in the historic heart of Denver ’s Japanese community, Sakura Square is bounded by Nineteenth and Twentieth Streets and Larimer and Lawrence Streets in the Lower Downtown district, or LoDo . The square, named for the Japanese word for “cherry blossom,” was built in the early 1970s as part...

South Platte Flood of 1965

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The South Platte River flood of June 16, 1965 was one of the worst natural disasters in Denver ’s history. It was part of a statewide flooding event that claimed a total of twenty-four lives across the Arkansas and South Platte River basins. The flooding in Denver caused extreme damage but resulted...
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