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Denver and Rio Grande Railroad

Buckhorn Exchange

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Buckhorn Exchange

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Located at 1000 Osage Street, just south of Lincoln Park, the Buckhorn Exchange is Denver’s oldest operating restaurant. Established by Henry H. Zietz in 1893, the restaurant has occupied the same building for more than 120 years and is known for its interior stuffed with Western memorabilia and...

Francisco Plaza

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The Fort Garland merchant John M. Francisco and his trading partner, Henry Daigre, built Francisco Plaza near the Cucharas River, at the site of present-day La Veta , in 1862. The first dwelling in the Cucharas Valley , the plaza served as a defensive fort as well as a trading post, farm, and ranch...

Grand Junction Depot

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The Grand Junction Depot is a two-story Italian Renaissance railroad station built in 1906 to accommodate the city’s growing rail traffic. A downtown landmark, the building serves as a reminder of the important role that railroads—especially the Denver & Rio Grande (later the Denver & Rio...

Rio Grande Hotel

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The Rio Grande Hotel was built in the spring of 1892, when Creede faced a severe housing shortage as thousands of prospectors arrived into town on the recently completed railroad. The hotel withstood the town’s major 1892 fire and is a rare example of an early mining-camp boarding house. After...


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Salida is a city of about 6,000 in the Upper Arkansas River valley, surrounded by Colorado’s central Rocky Mountains . It is the county seat of Chaffee County . Salida is named for the Spanish word for “exit,” as it is located near the mouth of a canyon of the Arkansas River. Major thoroughfares...

William Jackson Palmer

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William Jackson Palmer (1836–1909) was a military general, railroad tycoon, and founder of Colorado Springs . Though a Quaker from Delaware, Palmer fought for the Union Army during the Civil War . After the war, he moved west and became a civil engineer and philanthropist who played an integral...
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