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Cynthia Irwin

Agate Bluff Archaeological Site

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The Agate Bluff Archaeological Site is a collection of four Late Prehistoric rockshelters located in a large bluff in northwest Weld County near the Wyoming border. In 1951–52 siblings Cynthia and Henry Irwin excavated the rockshelters and determined that they had been occupied by Plains Woodland...

LoDaisKa Archaeological Site

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First excavated in 1956–57, the LoDaisKa Archaeological Site south of Morrison is a rockshelter that contains evidence of about 7,500 years of human occupation, from the Paleo-Indian period (before 6000 BCE) to the Early Ceramic (150–1150 CE). The site is especially significant for three main...

Magic Mountain Archaeological Site

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Magic Mountain Site

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Named for a nearby amusement park now known as Heritage Square, the Magic Mountain Archaeological Site south of Golden was excavated in 1959–60 by Cynthia and Henry Irwin . Because it was one of the first foothills sites to be professionally excavated, the Irwins’ report on Magic Mountain has...
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