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Colorado College

Bemis Hall

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Constructed in 1908, Bemis Hall stands at 920 North Cascade Avenue in Colorado Springs . A three-and-a-half story dormitory building located on the Colorado College campus, Bemis Hall is historically significant as an early example of a coeducational dormitory and for its distinctive architecture...

Colorado Springs

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Colorado Springs is the second-most populous city in Colorado, with more than 456,000 residents. Located about sixty miles south of Denver at the base of Pikes Peak , it is the county seat of El Paso County and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state. Since it was...

Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

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The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at 30 West Dale Street was built in 1936 as a community center for the visual and performing arts. Originally designed by John Gaw Meem using a mix of Pueblo Revival and Art Deco styles, the Fine Arts Center houses art galleries, teaching facilities, art...

Eliza Tupper Wilkes

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Eliza Tupper Wilkes (1844–1917) was a circuit-riding preacher who started eleven Universalist and Unitarian churches in the American West. The Unitarians and Universalists were two Protestant denominations that shared an interest in abolition, women’s rights, including suffrage . They were some of...

Van Briggle Memorial Pottery Building

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Built in 1907–8, the Van Briggle Memorial Pottery Building in Colorado Springs was designed by architect Nicolaas van den Arend to serve as the company’s salesroom, pottery plant, and headquarters. Incorporating more than 5,000 tile and terra cotta components designed by Anne Van Briggle , the...
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