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Colorado Central Railroad

Georgetown–Silver Plume Historic District

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Located in the upper Clear Creek valley about forty-five miles west of Denver , the Georgetown–Silver Plume Historic District is one of the best preserved historic mining districts in Colorado. In the late nineteenth century, Georgetown thrived as the area’s commercial and professional center,...

Teller House

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Built in 1871–72 by brothers Henry M. Teller and Willard Teller, the Teller House is one of the oldest and most important buildings in Central City . It has served as the town’s main hotel for more than sixty years. The four-story brick hotel played host to Central City’s most important visitors,...

William A.H. Loveland

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William Austin Hamilton Loveland (1826–94) was a leading businessman, railroad executive, and politician in early Colorado. A well-traveled man by early adulthood, Loveland arrived in Colorado during the Colorado Gold Rush . He played a critical role in the development of Golden , putting up the...
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