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Climax Mine

Base and Industrial Metal Mining in Colorado

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Climax Mine, 1930s

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Miners came to Colorado for gold, stayed for silver, and survived after the 1890s by diversifying into a wide range of base and industrial metals such as lead, copper, zinc, molybdenum, tungsten, vanadium, radium, and uranium . Often ignored or discarded during early prospecting and mining, these...

California Gulch Superfund Site

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Established by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1983, the California Gulch Superfund Site encompasses about eighteen square miles in central Lake County , including the city of Leadville . One of the nation’s first Superfund sites, it was created to clean up heavy-metal pollution...

Climax Molybdenum Mine

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Located in Lake County beside Fremont Pass, the Climax Molybdenum Mine started production in 1918 and grew to become the world’s largest underground mine. Deemed a national priority during World War II because of molybdenum’s importance in hardening steel, Climax continued to grow for a generation...

Henderson Molybdenum Mine

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Located about nine miles west of Empire , the Henderson Molybdenum Mine was developed by American Metal Climax (AMAX) and opened in 1976 to work one of the world’s largest known molybdenum deposits. A conveyor belt for transporting ore connects the mine to a separate mill on the western side of the...


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At an elevation of 10,152 feet in the central Rocky Mountains , Leadville is the Lake County seat and the highest incorporated city in the United States. Gold first brought prospectors to the area in the early 1860s, but Leadville itself was not established until a silver boom in the late 1870s...
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