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clear creek canyon

Clear Creek Canyon

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Clear Creek flows from the Continental Divide at Loveland Pass, eastward through a deep and wide glacial valley down to Idaho Springs , where the valley narrows and the stream gradient increases as it enters narrow, relatively undeveloped Clear Creek Canyon. Through Clear Creek Canyon the stream...

Clear Creek County

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Clear Creek County lies thirty miles west of Denver on the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains . One of Colorado’s seventeen original counties, it covers 396 square miles and spans Clear Creek Canyon , from which it takes its name. Clear Creek County has a population of 9,303 and is bordered by...

Hotel de Paris

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Hotel de Paris was an idealized imitation of a Norman inn and is older than the State of Colorado itself. A former cook, journalist, and miner, Frenchman Louis Dupuy (born Adolph François Gerard) established the hotel and restaurant on October 9, 1875, in the Powers Building, formerly occupied by...
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