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Byers-Evans House

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Built in 1883, the Byers-Evans House at 1310 Bannock Street in Denver is a Victorian mansion notable for its association with two of the city’s most influential early families. William Byers , who built the house, had established the city’s first newspaper, the Rocky Mountain News , and during his...

Civic Center

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Named a National Historic Landmark in 2012, Civic Center is a complex of parks, civic buildings, and cultural institutions stretching between the State Capitol and the City and County Building in the heart of Denver . Plans for the complex, which was developed in stages from the 1890s to the 1930s...

Colorado History Museum

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The Colorado History Museum, the second major home of the Colorado Historical Society (now History Colorado ), opened in 1977 to replace the Colorado State Museum (1915). Located on the south side of Civic Center in Denver , the modern museum was three times as large as the old State Museum,...

Colorado State Museum

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The Colorado State Museum (200 E. Fourteenth Avenue, Denver ) opened in 1915 as the first stand-alone home for the Colorado Historical Society (now History Colorado ). The last work of Frank E. Edbrooke , Colorado’s best-known architect of the late 1800s and early 1900s, the building has the...

Denver Mint

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Established by Congress in 1862, the Denver Mint operated for more than four decades as an assay office, determining the quality of bullion but not producing any coins. In 1895 Congress authorized the mint to produce coins and also provided for a new building, which opened in 1904 at the corner of...

Robert W. Speer

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Speer Boulevard

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Robert Walter Speer (1855–1918) served as mayor of Denver for two terms, from 1904 to 1912, then was reelected in 1916, serving another two years as mayor before passing away in 1918 during the Spanish influenza pandemic. Speer is remembered primarily for implementing the City Beautiful plan that...
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