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Arkansas River

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Beginning in the central Rocky Mountains near Leadville , the Arkansas River runs nearly 1,500 miles across the Great Plains before emptying into the Mississippi River. The Arkansas is the lifeblood of cities and agricultural communities along its course, from Pueblo at the foot of the Colorado...

Browns Canyon National Monument

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On February 19, 2015, President Obama designated 21,586 acres of scenic canyons, rivers, and backcountry forest in Chaffee County , Colorado, as the Browns Canyon National Monument. Browns Canyon is the eighth national monument designation within the state of Colorado. It provides visitors with...

Chaffee County

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Chaffee County lies in central Colorado on the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains and along the Upper Arkansas River valley. It is bordered by Lake and Park Counties to the north, Park and Fremont Counties to the east, Saguache County to the south, and Gunnison County to the west. Chaffee County’...


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Salida is a city of about 6,000 in the Upper Arkansas River valley, surrounded by Colorado’s central Rocky Mountains . It is the county seat of Chaffee County . Salida is named for the Spanish word for “exit,” as it is located near the mouth of a canyon of the Arkansas River. Major thoroughfares...

Trout Creek Archaeological Site

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Trout Creek in east Chaffee County is an extensive archaeological site exhibiting natural outcrops of colorful jaspers that were used for thousands of years as raw material for toolmaking by many different groups of Native Americans. It is one of the best-known toolstone sources not only in central...
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