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Centennial Farms

Milne Farm

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Milne Farmhouse

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First established in the 1880s as a homestead associated with the Greeley agricultural colony, Milne Farm sits just west of Lucerne in Weld County . The Milne family has owned the farm continuously for more than 125 years and has long been involved in irrigation , civic improvement, and business in...

Rooney Ranch

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Established in 1861 between Green Mountain and the hogback known as Dinosaur Ridge , Rooney Ranch is the oldest property continuously operated by the same family in Jefferson County . It was also the county’s largest cattle ranch ever and has one of the oldest stone buildings in the county. Today...

The Bee Family Farm

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The Bee Family Farm is a historic farm located between Fort Collins and Wellington. In operation as a working farm since 1894, it is now an outdoor museum that preserves and displays the family’s historic artifacts, buildings, and fields to help visitors experience the history of farming in...
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