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Burlington (Boulder County)

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Burlington was a small homestead community along St. Vrain Creek , near present-day Longmont . Founded in 1860 by prospector Alonzo N. Allen, Burlington was named after Burlington, Iowa. The settlement grew to a population of about 150 before the Chicago-Colorado Colony absorbed it in 1871. The...

Kit Carson County

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Kit Carson County, named for fur trapper and Army scout Kit Carson , covers 2,162 miles of the Great Plains in eastern Colorado. One of the state’s most productive agricultural counties, Kit Carson is bordered to the north by Yuma and Washington Counties, to the east by the state of Kansas, to the...

Sim Hudson Motor Company

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The Sim Hudson Motor Company at Thirteenth Street and Senter Avenue in Burlington (1332 Senter Ave.,Burlington, Colorado), the Kit Carson County seat , served as a car dealership and service center for more than eighty years. Built around 1919 as the Golden Belt Garage, it was soon acquired by Sim...

William H. Dickens

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William Henry Dickens (c. 1842–1915) was a homestead er , farmer, and businessman in the St. Vrain valley. A prominent early citizen of Longmont , Dickens built the Dickens Opera House , established Farmers National Bank, and helped organize the Farmers Milling and Elevator Company, among other...
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