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Edwin Carter

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Edwin Carter

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Edwin Carter (1830–1900) was a prospector turned naturalist whose Colorado wildlife collection became the founding exhibit of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science (DMNS). Originally from New York, Carter prospected in the Rocky Mountains during the 1860s, but he quickly gave up mining to collect...

Middle Park Indian Agency

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The Middle Park Agency was established in 1862 for the Grand River, Uinta , and Yampa Utes . One of many federal Indian agencies established in Colorado during the 1860s, the Middle Park Agency mostly operated from Denver . After the Treaty of 1868 established a reservation for the Utes west of the...

Precious Metal Mining in Colorado

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From the 1850s to the 1920s, gold and silver mining drove Colorado’s economy, making it into an urbanized, industrial state. The rapid development of Colorado’s mineral resources had political, social, and environmental consequences. The mining of gold and silver in Colorado began in earnest during...

Ski Industry

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Colorado’s ski industry anchors the state’s thriving tourist economy. Built primarily on national forest lands, the state’s numerous ski resorts attract upwards of 12 million visitors annually, generating billions in revenue. Introduced to the state in the late nineteenth century, downhill skiing’s...

Western Slope

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“A Fantasy land,” “a mystique,” “a state of mind”—these are only some of the expressions used to describe the Western Slope of Colorado, commonly defined as the roughly one-third of the state that lies west of the Continental Divide . The serpentine divide forms the region’s eastern boundary,...
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