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Alcohol prohibition in Colorado (1916–33) was a Progressive Era experiment, based on reform-minded and religious sentiments, to completely ban the sale and transport of alcohol. While the intention of reformers was to reduce violence, drunkenness, and crime, outlawing alcohol instead created more...

The Carlino Brothers

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Salvatore “Sam” Carlino (1884–1931) and Pietro “Pete” Carlino (1890–1931) were southern Colorado alcohol bootleggers and Italian American mob bosses during the years of prohibition . Called the “Carlino Brothers,” they controlled most of the black market for liquor in the state from 1922 to 1931...

Women During Prohibition

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Alcohol prohibition in Colorado (1916–33) disrupted social and gender relations in ways that would shape the state long after the law was repealed. Not only did women help enact the law, but they also helped enforce the law and even broke it, taking advantage of a new outlaw industry. Women...
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