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Colorado Rockies

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Coors Field, LoDo

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The Colorado Rockies arrived in Denver in 1993 and is the only professional baseball team in the Rocky Mountain West. The Rockies compete in Major League Baseball’s National League West Division. Having made the MLB playoffs three times in their short history, the Rockies lost to the Boston Red Sox...

Larry Walker

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Larry Walker (1966–) is a retired professional baseball player who played right field for the Montreal Expos, Colorado Rockies , and St. Louis Cardinals. In 2020 he became the first Colorado Rocky to be elected to the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. After debuting in 1989 with Montreal, Walker...

Rocky Mountain League

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The Rocky Mountain League was a Class D baseball league that fielded four semi-professional teams in southern Colorado in 1912. Founded in the wake of the departure of a previous team from Pueblo , the league fell into immediate financial trouble and folded before it completed its first season...
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