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Arkansas River

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Beginning in the central Rocky Mountains near Leadville , the Arkansas River runs nearly 1,500 miles across the Great Plains before emptying into the Mississippi River. The Arkansas is the lifeblood of cities and agricultural communities along its course, from Pueblo at the foot of the Colorado...

Don Felipe Baca

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The Hispano farmer and sheep rancher Don Felipe de Jesus Baca (1829–74) was one of the first settlers of the Purgatoire River valley, one of the most important developers of Trinidad , and a member of the Colorado Territorial legislature. He is the namesake of Baca County in southeast Colorado...

The Dust Bowl

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In the 1930s, eastern Colorado experienced the worst ecological disaster in the state’s history. Unsustainable farming practices and widespread drought transformed the once fertile Great Plains into a barren landscape, inhospitable to both humans and animals. The experience of the Dust Bowl...
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