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Aspen Center for Physics

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The Aspen Center for Physics started in 1962 as a place for theoretical physicists to spend the summer thinking and talking together. Based at a small campus on the south end of Aspen Meadows, it was originally part of the Aspen Institute before becoming an independent nonprofit in 1968. Several...

Elizabeth Paepcke

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Elizabeth Paepcke (1902–94) is best known for working with her husband, Walter , to transform the former mining town of Aspen into a cultural hub after World War II . Trained in art and design, she was perhaps most influential in getting Walter interested in the modernist styles that shaped much of...

Goethe Bicentennial

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The Goethe Bicentennial Convocation and Music Festival was a three-week celebration of the German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s 200th birthday in 1949. Held in Aspen under a huge canvas tent designed by Eero Saarinen, the event was organized largely by Walter Paepcke and attracted some 2,000...

Herbert Bayer

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Herbert Bayer (1900–85) was an artist, architect, and designer best known in Colorado for his work in Aspen during the decades after World War II . Born in Austria and trained at the Bauhaus, Bayer brought to the United States a modernist belief in simple, stripped-down design, evident in...

Walter Paepcke

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Walter P. Paepcke, a Chicago businessman, was pivotal in developing Aspen into a resort known for its exceptional skiing and as a hub for intellectuals, artists, politicians, and celebrities. Paepcke’s efforts have made Aspen stand out among Colorado’s many ski towns and resorts. Born...

Wheeler/Stallard House

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Wheeler/Stallard House

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The Wheeler/Stallard House is a three-story Queen Anne style residence built in 1888–89 by Jerome B. Wheeler on the west side of Aspen . Edgar and Mary Ella Stallard occupied the house from 1905 to 1945, when Walter Paepcke acquired it for use as overflow guest rooms for the Hotel Jerome , employee...
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