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Anne Evans

Anne Evans

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Anne Evans (1871–1941) was a Colorado civic leader and patron of the arts who transformed the Denver cultural community. Among her numerous activities, Evans started and helped guide the Denver Art Museum to national prominence, assisted in the development of the Denver Public Library , led the...

Anne Evans Mountain Home

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The Anne Evans Mountain Home is a rustic cottage built by Anne Evans at an elevation of about 8,200 feet on her family’s large ranch in the Upper Bear Creek watershed in eastern Clear Creek County . Completed in 1911, the house was notable for its vertical log construction and artistic interiors,...

Byers-Evans House

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Built in 1883, the Byers-Evans House at 1310 Bannock Street in Denver is a Victorian mansion notable for its association with two of the city’s most influential early families. William Byers , who built the house, had established the city’s first newspaper, the Rocky Mountain News , and during his...

Denver Art Museum

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The Denver Art Museum (DAM) (100 W. 14th Avenue) in the city’s Civic Center boasts more than 70,000 works from across the centuries and the world. Best known for its collection of Indigenous art, it was the first major museum to establish a separate Native American Arts Department (1925) to...
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