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alpine tundra

Beatrice Willard

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Dr. Beatrice Willard (1925–2003) was an internationally recognized tundra ecologist who made significant contributions to environmental policy in Colorado and the nation. Her research in the Colorado mountains established her as a well-known ecologist, educator, and negotiator. Early Life Beatrice...

Beatrice Willard Alpine Tundra Research Plots

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The Beatrice Willard Alpine Tundra Research Plots were established in 1959 by Beatrice Willard at two high-altitude locations along Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP). Willard’s studies at the plots and elsewhere in the park were among the first to examine how visitors were...

Summit Lake

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Located at an elevation of 12,830 feet on Mt. Evans , Summit Lake is a forty-acre alpine lake known for its scenic beauty and unique ecosystem. Acquired by Denver in 1924 as part of the city’s system of mountain parks , it is the highest Denver park as well as the highest city park in North America...
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