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Five Points

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Bordered roughly by the South Platte River to the northwest, Thirty-Eighth Street to the north, Downing Street to the east, Park Avenue and East Twentieth Avenue to the south, and Twentieth Street to the southwest, Five Points is a historic neighborhood near downtown Denver that was home to the...

Immigration to Denver, 1920–Present

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Beginning in the 1920s, immigration to Denver underwent several significant changes owing to war, economic depression, and evolving civil rights legislation and related social tensions. Movements of people due to World War II , Japanese internment, changing agricultural landscapes, the Civil Rights...

Justina Ford House

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Built in 1890 at 2335 Arapahoe Street in Denver , the Justina Ford House served for forty years as the home and office of Colorado’s first black woman physician. In 1984 the house was moved to save it from demolition, and after renovations it opened at 3091 California Street as the new home of the...

Peoples Presbyterian Church

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Peoples Presbyterian Church was founded in June 1906 and is Denver ’s oldest continuously active black Presbyterian congregation. In 1908 the congregation acquired its first permanent home at the former First Cumberland Presbyterian building a few blocks south of Five Points , which was then...

Zion Baptist Church

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Organized by former slaves on November 15, 1865, Zion Baptist Church is the oldest black congregation in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain West. Since 1913, the church has occupied a large Romanesque Revival building at 933 East Ogden Street in Five Points , which was originally built in the early...
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